Will my child visit the school for a transition day?

We are following the latest advice from the Government on safe working practice for schools. This means that we are not able to invite Y6 pupils into school at the moment. We will, however, make sure that all Y6 pupils are able to experience time in school, getting to know the routines and school building, before being joined by pupils from other year groups. We will update this information as more advice is made available.

How will the school be up to date with my child’s needs if primary school is closed?

We are working closely with primary schools and the Year 6 teachers to collect all key information and data to ensure a smooth transition into Year 7 at Tenbury High

Primary colleagues and Tenbury staff have positive relationships and both parties are working collaboratively to meet pupil needs. However, if you feel there is new information that the primary may not be aware of, you are welcome to contact Mr Morris on email hidden; JavaScript is required

As pupils won’t be doing SATS, will they be tested in Year 7?

We always conduct baseline assessments with pupils near the start of their 5 year learning journey at Tenbury High so that we have an accurate understanding of their ability and to ensure we accurately support progress.

We are in close contact with primary schools will be advising us of individual abilities and levels during the summer term.

Will my child have to do tests or exams?

All pupils joining Tenbury High complete assessments regularly so that we can check on their progress and plan any additional support, such as numeracy or literacy interventions. Reading tests are key to making sure that teachers plan work that challenges pupils at an appropriate level. Y6 pupils will complete reading assessments as part of their transition.

My child has additional needs. What extra help will they get?

Inclusion is a core value at Tenbury High and we have very high expectations of all our pupils, whatever their additional needs. Our SENCO will liaise with you and your child’s primary school to make sure that we understand your child’s individual needs and to plan for any support that needs to be put in place to allow your child to access a full and varied curriculum.

Will my child be in the same tutor group as their friends?

We have pupils joining us from a large number of different primary schools and we are talking to them at the moment about all the children joining us in September. Pupils will be allocated to a number of different groups throughout the day and may be with a different group of pupils in lessons. It is likely, therefore, that pupils from the same primary school will be with other pupils they know at some point during the day.

Will I get an early lunch?

Yes, early lunch to beat the queues and get familiarised with the routines. Year 7s finish ten minutes before the rest of the school and then, later in the year five minutes…until there is no longer a need.

Will my child be able to take part in any clubs?

Enrichment is central to the experience of all pupils at Tenbury High. All pupils will be encouraged and supported to take part in a wealth of opportunities, including sport, music and the performing arts, creative activities, cultural visits, outdoor learning experiences, work experience and opportunities to develop leadership skills. There are extra-curricular clubs running most nights of the week and during lunch time.

Will my child have homework?

All pupils are expected to complete daily homework because this is what will ensure they have a better chance of success. Pupils in Y7 have daily reading and they will also have weekly online homework in their core subjects (set on Edulink, our school/home communication portal). Y7 pupils may work in the homework club on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where they have access to computers and support from school staff to help with any homework challenges.

When will I be able to buy school uniform?

Our uniform is supplied by two suppliers – the School Uniform Shop for jumpers and Scimitar for the PE Kit. Please see the uniform page for more information

Why do Year 7 have a different PE Kit?

We have launched a new PE kit for pupils joining us in Year 7 in September 2020.  The old kit can still be bought and worn by older pupils in the school.  Older pupils can also choose to buy the new kit if they prefer.

What equipment will I need?

All pupils need a bag to carry books and their equipment. The pupil handbook (available here) has a list of essential items that must be brought to school every day. Our Year 11 prefects sell essential stationery every morning between 8.30 and 9.00. All pupils are able to purchase a locker for keeping larger items, such as lunch or a PE kit.

What happens if my child is absent from school?

Excellent attendance is key to a pupil’s success, both academically and socially. We expect all pupils to meet our minimum target for attendance of 95%. If a student’s attendance falls below this, we meet with home to offer support and to explain the consequences of a failure to improve. We work closely with the Education Welfare Service to make sure that parents and carers fulfil their statutory obligation to send their child to school regularly.

Can my child bring a bike to school?

Yes! We encourage pupils to walk or cycle to school to stay healthy. Pupils may lock their bikes up in on the bike rack, using a traditional bike lock. Pupils may not cycle on the school premises and should observe safe cycling rules on the roads as they approach and leave school.

Where do I go on my first day?

You will be able to enter through the main gate at the front of school, up the school drive from Bromyard Road or the side gate from Redgate Avenue (usually when you are dropped off by car).

There will be plenty of lovely staff and helpers to show you where to go and lots of signs to make sure you get the right place. You will be directed into the hall where you will see a sign with your tutor group on, for example BSM, and then line up in alphabetical order with your tutor group and your form tutors.

What if I get lost?

No need to worry about getting lost, you won’t really be lost, but at some point you may be unsure where your classroom is: you don’t need to panic.
All our teachers and pupils are really helpful, all you need to do is ask and someone will point you in the right direction or often, walk you to lesson.
All the classroom doors are clearly labelled and on your first day you will have a tour of the school and be provided with a map. By October, you will be brilliant at knowing your way around. Trust us!